Sunday, September 6, 2009

A love story.....................

Married 32+ years and once we moved to VA in 1992, we have attempted to start our own holiday traditions, having left our families in Missouri. The only one we have pretty much held to was to go to the movies on Christmas Day. Otherwise, not a big movie going fan, just don't care for the crowds, cost and general chaos associated with the effort...... So imagine my surprise when John asked me if I would like to see a movie today and we both mentioned how we had heard District 9 was fairly decent. So John goes online to check schedules and informs me of the viewing times for District 9 AND the times for Harry Potter in IMAX. Now, THAT'S love right there and we decide to see Harry, head over to the new Regal, who inform us they DON'T have IMAX (contrary to the website and advertisements) and we have to hustle down to Commonweath, where Harry IS being shown in IMAX - for $14.95!!!!!!!!!!!! I told John it wouldn't be worth it, he insists on buying the tickets, we get in the lobby and are handed our 3-D glasses, as the previews and the first 15 minutes of Harry were in 3-D. THE we get a large diet coke to share as well as a bucket of popcorn and I had already picked up 100 grand bars at Dollar Tree, YUM!!!!! Pretty much an empty theatre - YEAH - fun previews, especially Jim Cary as Scrooge in a Christmas Carol in 3-D and an all in all good movie, didn't seem like 2 1/2 hours at all, nor did it look to me to be an IMAX screen but at least it was Harry, but was' up with those Keds tennis shoes, making him look tre' goofy................

Head for lunch at Longhorn and John figures up that it cost us $43.50 to go to the movies and I almost lost my appetite. He was so okay with the whole thing and that my friends, is the moral of this story, it MUST be love if after this many years, he still thinks I'm worth more than $43.50 to watch a movie that he didn't really want to see.................. Lucky girl, lucky girl, who's the lucky girl? ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. That's all well and good--

  2. I love it - what a fun experience you had - I just adore love stories! :)

  3. I haven't read your blog for sooo long....I haven't been my old self since returning to Denver. Today my enthusiasm refilled and I went to your blog site!!! Yeah :) Your lovestory made my heart do flipflops--- you and John still make me smile and to hold out hope that one of these days somebody'll think I'm worth it too!! Hugs and Happies to you!!! LaV