Monday, October 5, 2009

Dsigner Punkins'

I had the duty of creating the tablescapes for Sunday breakfast at the retreat this weekend, so I developed a punkin' pattern and got busy using simply lovely designer fabrics and voila', very groovy cool produce!!!!! And thankfully I sold all of them less one large and one small so I had shoppin' money for the quilt show and shop stops we made on the way home and even enough left over to take my John out to dinner, YEAH me!!!!!! And the little footed pincushions were made from two vintage cups I found the last time we went home. Originally, I was gonna' stuff them ultra tight and then indent the top with a center divide but it seemed less than PC to then stick pins into their little cheeks/butt cracks........................ Happy Fall all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Am loving the cuteness!!! What's today's project?!!! Welcome home from the retreat!!


  2. Your pumpkins are WONDERFUL - just love them. I imagine that everyone went crazy when they saw them. They picked the right person to make brunch a party!!!!