Thursday, November 26, 2009

Ever grateful

I found myself out early Monday morning after dropping John off and it was either a home center or Strange's to occupy my time till other peepers were popped, guess which one I chose, DUH! Began to wander the greenhouse and was simply overwhelmed with the grandeur of the season, a virtual sea of poinsettias, and keep in mind after 20+ years in the floral industry, they were NOT my choice for a symbol of the season but this experience made me do a 180, they were simply lovely and oh so very right to lift one's spirit and hold it on high to help buoy it through the ensuing onslaught of holiday high jinxes!!!!!!!!
Given the sentiment o' the day, I am sooooooooo very thankful, sooooooooo ever grateful for ~~~~ A camera that fell short of taking all the images before me, making me revel and cherish the images I was able to capture. Both legs, having been through way too much, that carried me through this experience and all of life's journeys...... Both eyes, still compromised, and yet helping me to realize the beauty of all that God has created. And my life in general, the fact that I have one and choose to celebrate life and all the treasures that combine to make this a wild and wacky, beloved and treasured escapade............. I purely and simply adore each and every one of you reading, forwarding, saving this entry, I wouldn't want to be here without all of you, you make my heart sing and my spirit soar..........

And yes, should I have enough pennies and fingers crossed it will still be there, I so very much want to bring home the Scottie/Westie mat, but should I not be able to make it mine, the wondrous option is that I can always create one myself, how groovy cool is that????? WOW, whata' ride, love it soooooooooooooooo very much and then some!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happiest of Thanksgiving everyone, love you more than you'll ever realize................

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  1. I loved the beautiful photos and - hope you get that SCOTTY MAT!