Friday, July 3, 2009

Fun Friday although I thought it was Saturday.........

Today was so great and I totally took advantage of John having the day off, running a few errands, the first of which was a two hour fun fest at Quilter's Corner and one of their fat quarter frenzies!!!! Can we say lovely, simply lovely batiks selection and then I got on a black, cream and red binge to make something for little Sydney girl and then an Esterita Austin inspired palette and then some lovely grey blues just for mo' fun and on and on........... I ended up with 70 and I just finally had to back away from the tables, take a breath and ravage the new Halloween Dance fabric by Marcus Bros. - some of THE best Halloween I have seen in years!!!!!! Toss in a chubby purse pattern and about that time John came in to either faint from the heat or wheel me out, which worked for both of us!!!! Can I tell you something just over the moon, groovy cool????? Dearheart Christine asked Susan if I might have some of the strippy/raggy/cutty off thingies and because of the fat quarter sale - Susan gave me a GIGANDO bag and I simply CANNOT tell you how thrilled, elated and joyful to my very toes I am - - happy dance, happy dance, happy dance - aren't I the silly one????? Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE seemed so very glad to see me, wanted me to stay for the sit and stitch, wanted to help in any way possible, boy, what an elixir for the heart............. Here's something even sillier, the only pics I took today were of clouds - THE MOST gorgeous, fluffy, cotton candy filled clouds I have seen on the longest and I hope you enjoy them as much as have - all taken from a moving truck on 60 Hwy. - not too bad, huh????


  1. Love the cloud pictures!!!!

  2. Wish I was there to enjoy them with you pal....