Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Country Piecemaker's catch-up..............

I was determined to get caught up on a bunch of things this week, hoping that getting back on the "horse that threw me" would help aid in my recovery. It's pretty surreal to recall the day of the accident and the joy that morning provided. Having just presented my BOM, SOM, Mystery/Design challenge block to the CP group as well as my "If I Were A FlowHER" challenge quilt, I was feeling fairly darned accomplished. Now fast forward and I am playing catch-up, just completing my June and July BOM samples last night and counting on getting even more done in the next few days. As I never pre-plan anything, I can honestly say I am really delighted with the way this quilt is turning out and as I don't pre-plan, it's been a fun adventure for me as well!!!!!!! I do soooooooooooooo enjoy the designing process whether it be for a quilt, jewelry piece or collage art................ I just love the way my June pinwheels look as if they are twirlin' and dancin' and check out those glandular piano keys for July!!!!! So enjoy, and I'm really hoping to see you all on the 11th!

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  1. Your blocks are great - and I LOVE YOUR HOOK AND LOOP JOURNAL!!!!!