Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Through a child's eyes..................

I went to gather the mail,
As I crunched through the snow
Whata' wondrous surprise
Special handwriting I know!

I tried to be patient
For I knew what it contained
An envelope addressed and
Complete with my name!

The writing was placed
With the greatest of care
Two stamps in the corner,
Yes, two stamps, a pair!

But inside, oh inside,
I simply squealed Oh My,
A creation from Cooper
A treasure I spied.....

A card with snow people
An envelope lined,
A keepsake contained
Yet still I would find.

A simple gift I had given
And little did I know
How this little gesture
Would be returned to me more.

For Cooper had drawn
And then stitched with his heart
Four pages of pictures,
Then assembled, now one part.

My spirit how lifted
By the hand of this child
Drawn with love and affection
So tender and mild.........

Thank YOU dear Cooper
You'll never know what this means
The kindness you've shown
and the hope that I've seen.

So here's to the holidays
May they be cheery and bright
And may you all have a Cooper
Showering your life with light......

Ever truly, your Carz buddy, me and mine


  1. That is amazing Catherine. I have printed this for Cooper's book - what a lovely poem! That was TOTALLY Cooper's idea to make a card quilt. He thinks that HE INVENTED sewing on paper! :):)

  2. Cooper is AMAZED - he keeps saying..."SHE PUT IT ON HER BLOG!!!!" You never saw such a big smile!

  3. I think Cooper's art is a great additon to the blog--way to go, Cooper!