Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My picks of pics for '09

I know, I know, day late, dollar short - guilty on BOTH counts but I couldn't let another go by without sharing some moments in time that made 2009 memorable in my heart and head.............. For the time being, what you WON'T see are photos taken during our stay at the hotel as those photos are on the laptop and I'm hoping John can work some magic and transfer them all to the desktop............ So for the time being, think the same wondrous thoughts I am for the MIA - the incredible and lifetime treasure quilt Shirley made me, John and Sydney safe and taking the best of care, Margie's special visit, me in a vibrant purple cast, Margaret and Ellen's lunch date at Longhorn, Donna R.'s and Shirley's play date and on and on. But for now and in no particular order, please enjoy - meeting Bonnie Hunter and Fran Miller and taking TWO classes from Bonnie in Harrisonburg, the lap quilt I made for Mom, my ever true four Femmigos - now five with the delightful addition of Eileen, my very first quilt - melons and curves - thank you Patsy, Shirley dressing herself wrong side out, my second quilt - Bonnie Hunter's spiderweb, my day class and forever friendship with Esterita Austin, the reveal of the 2009 BOM/SOM/Mystery/Designer challenge for CP's, llamas riding in vans at the Power Show, visit to Millstone Fabrics with Marla and Shirley, Karen's quilt made by Shirley and enhanced by me, Halloween party at Susanna and Richard's, the If I Were A Flower CP's challenge quilt, teaching brownies to quilt (the two legged kind silly!)making quilts for Madelaine's House, dearheart Sydney, my December display at the library, sponsoring Margie for honorary membership in CP's and I think that about covers it for this round. Now sit back and simply enjoy..........


  1. Oh my - this was WONDERFUL - I love the idea of FAV PICS of the year - and my wrong-side-out shirt shot just cracked me up!!!


  2. What a year! Your productivity and activity are astounding! I am not sure whether I am complimented or not by being added in such an unglamouous way! But hey, when you dead, you dead!
    Your Goulish Friend,