Tuesday, March 2, 2010

12 Hour Crop or Till 3 we did drop!

Okay, so you know I'm not a true scrapper but I use everything and then some when creating, above and beyond!!!!!!!!! So I divided and devoted my evening into two tasks, my ultra-uber-over the top-filled to the brim with giggles galore-oh happy Halloween Day book of all books and my ever so sweet-tre' chic-wouldn't you just LOVE to get one of these cuties in the mail!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Postcards still a work in progress but I'm hoping to truly finish them Thursday at the library and as THE Halloween book will NEVER be finished, I decided to share some pics of it with you. It displays and is structurally more sound when standing, as it's getting thick around it's middle, just like it's creator, so I found one of my Halloween storage boxes that fits it just fine and will keep it ever so happy contained within............... If you open it from the right, you get vintage Halloween or flip it over and you get mod Halloween!!!!! Open the ribbons on BOTH sides and you have a never ending accordian book, whata' hoot!!!!!!! Stuff, stuff and mo' stuff, just to make you howl and grin and slap yo' thigh, enjoy my dearheart buddies.........


  1. Now that BOX is just PERFECT and will hold all of the goodies!!!!! I love that Halloween book. It is such a joy to experience someone else loving a holiday that much! Those embellishments can't help but make you smile!


  2. Oh woooow! Love the book--fantastic!!!
    (everything you posted is fantastic!!!!)