Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Another one of THOSE weekends.....................

But this one started on Thursday with the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival. I'll tell you, in my book, the charter bus is the ONlY way to fly, unless you are taking classes or want to attend more than one day.......... Curb service, beginning to end, snacks and drinks both ways, uber comfy seats, onboard bathroom, the MOST delightful and attentive driver, fun & energetic traveling companions and the BEST seatmate, dearheart Shirley and even our wristbands and directories were brought out to us!

Little on the slim side of inspirational quilts but I felt there was a better variety and more unique choice of vendors. This posting, you'll find the start to our day and the challenge quilts Shirley and I put into the mix. We both entered a words quilt into the Colonial Piecemaker's challenge and Shirley created one for the Hospitality Chapter of the Richmond Guild.

My words quilt was titled - As I See It, and it involved a play on words. Actually, it was more like I put them into a food processor! The words were tossed around and morphed into three distinct 12" x 12" panels, then hinged together with ribbon. The first panel began with Jubilation which amusingly became JuJu-bilation, complete with a fabric JuJubes box, containing bits o' stuff that make me the happiest. The second panel, Vision, evolved into N-vision, with every size and font and material N imaginable and a panel that lifts up to reveal coiled cyclonic wires covered in itty-bitty green pompoms and can you guess? Yep, it was now N-vision Whirled Peas, my fervent wish for all mankind! The third and final panel, Epiphany, would transcend into Ephipha-ME, including a vintage doll's dress with the definition of epiphany on transparencies atop and when opened to reveal photos and personal traits, along with a pair of 60's mod glasses!

It was all such great fun and I so enjoyed being a part of this year's exhibition.......

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  1. Yes, it really was great fun and your quilt was absolutely representative of your creativity. Loved the entire experience......next stop.....Lancaster!!!!