Sunday, March 27, 2011

Almost forgot....................

One of the, if not THE most uber groovy cool aspect of the renovated theatre is that --------- are you ready?????? Wait for it ------- you get to mix your OWN soda flavors and dress your OWN popcorn - oh my gawsh, oh my gawsh, oh my gawsh - SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And like THAT'S not enough, you feel EVERYTHING through the seats, making movie going an all out blast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND you walk a red carpet when frequenting the bathroom and each stall is like a dressing room to the stars, it is just THE, THE, THE best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You NEED to go NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No silly, not go as in going to the bathroom, but like GO, GO, GO to the movies BIG TIME!!!!!

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