Tuesday, March 22, 2011

VA gardens 2010

Oh, how I luvs me some dirt on my hands and sun on my head and birds in my ears, okay, so maybe NOT IN my ears but you KNOW what I mean, the lilt of a bird's song, nuthin' sweeter baby, just nuthin'......... Take a walk about my yard, enjoy the beauty and embrace nature, it'll feel gooooooood!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Hi Ctaherine,
    It is Helen, my mother and I meet you at the Virgina Quilt Show. Thanks again for all you encouragement with our emblishment studies. I signed up as a follower as soon as we got back from the show and waited to see when you would be back. I love your blog. I am new to this computer blog world. My address is
    Glad to see you are back and love the flower photos.

  2. Oh my - Catherine - you have a wonderful whimsical garden. I just love it and thanks for sharing. Judy C

  3. Now this is ONE BEAUTIFUL GARDEN!!!!