Monday, January 25, 2010

OMG, Oh my gosh: Weekend Recap I

My wee head is still spinning from this past action packed weekend!!!! It's like good news/good news, as not only was I prepared (shocker, I know!!!) but I was just uber over the top, to the moon and back thrilled with each and every event!!!!!!!! At each function, I was surrounded by friends and new friends and not only did we play nice together but we played REALLY nice together, creating wonderful projects and the best of memories.............. It all began Friday night with a 6:00pm - 12:00am scrap at Memories Galore with buddy Shirley, the Cutting Bee on Saturday 9:30 - 3:00 with favorite pals and led by the extraordinary Augusta Cole (ending all too soon.....) and then the ATC exchange at Quilting Adventures on Sunday with Carmen and Shirley as my guests and finally, an art quilt exhibit at ART WORKS following the exchange with Carmen and Shirley!!!! WOO-HOO, was I one tired puppy when last evening rolled around but I was ever SO BEYOND happy and filled to the brim with inspiration and adoration and anticipation as to how to introduce just some of the cherished moments with all of you.......... It truly was one of those "you really should have been there" weekends but I will TRY and share some of the highlights............

No photos from the crop, silly me, other than the Pirates of the Caribbean Valentine's, complete with matching pencil, that accompanied me throughout the weekend.

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  1. Catherine's valentines were a real hit.....loved the pencils too! THANKS was all extraordinary for sure!!!!!