Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Over the Moon!!!!!!!!!

This is me, bustin' out the biggest ol' smile you have ever seen................ Look what buddy Shirley shared with me, bless Janet Lee's heart, whata' birthday gift!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Hi SAO,
I love your blog and it is always a treat when it comes. I usually go over it a few times!! You make beautiful quilts!

I must tell you though, your friend Catherine steals the show with me. I wish she had a blog as well!! She is always smiling and having a happy time. I wish she was close to my area!!! You are blessed and so is she!"

Take Care,
God Bless,
Janet Lee Monnett

I wish I could put Janet Lee in my pocket!!!!!!!!! WOO-HOO, talk about makin' my day................

1 comment:

  1. Oh the EMERALD MOMENTS in life are so dear. Put this WONDERFUL MESSAGE from Janet in your pocket and keep it next to your heart - and you will always have a moment of joy just when you need it! I used to put imaginary kisses and hugs into my kids' pockets every morning to take to school....ya' never know when you might need a hug!!! :)