Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Yet another action packed weekend............

I'm a bit pooped but elated by all the activities and outcome from this past weekend!!! Friday night, you could find Shirley and me at the Memories Galore crop from 6:00 p.m. to midnight and as always, had a bunch o' fun!!! Then, bright and early to the Country Piecemaker's quilt guild meeting with Augusta Cole's curved log cabin class following from 1:00 - 7:00. Have I mentioned how much I adore Augusta????And I am in serious love with my calming, oceanic blocks, can't wait till I get back to them. And what occasion would be complete without dearheart Shirley clothed with her shirt wrong-side out????? And THE most glorious of sunsets, OMG, OMG, OMG!!!!!! Perfect finish to a perfect day.... Then Saturday was Valentine's Day with John gifting me the most dear little Scottie purse that's ever been created, love that he loves me so......... Breakfast at Cracker Barrel, then a few errands and back in time for a little nap......

Next came a play date on Monday with Ellen and Margaret at Ellen's house and Ellen opened up her lovely home and studio to us and WOW, does she have the treasures or what????? We all created so many lovelies, so varied, so interesting, in the fervent hope that we will be able to incorporate these luscious bits into Margo's classes........... They were all created with our embellisher machines and Margaret gave us each THE most glorious piece of diaper lining, dyed with printer ink - see, it's not just for poop anymore!!! Beware the artist, nothing is sacred or off limits from becoming an art implement, tutu funny!!!!!!!


  1. You are so funny! Can't wait til our goodies arrive... they didn't come today (whine).

  2. Oh Catherine - loved your blog pictures - and TOO FUNNY about the wrong side out shirt. I can't believe that I did that AGAIN! Sigh.

    Your Scotty PURSE is A-DORABLE. Love it.....love the pictures of Augusta's quilts too!

    ....what....diaper lining? MY WORD - what creative minds!!