Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Chicken or egg???????

So which came first? The appreciation of a newly opened rose, with petals of velvet and color so true or the acceptance of the fading light of day and rose, with the unfurled exposed heart that can only come about with time and age and love, so much love..................................

For me, they both hold their own sense of wonder, to be held and savored and linger within the spirit, the spirit that still finds wonder in a dew drop and the untold blessings each new dawn provides. For if you find beauty in the mundane and treasure the bird song on the wind, life will be forevermore magical, ever ready for a new adventure.......................


  1. I agree - life IS MAGICAL - it is allllllllll about attitude and gratitude! You are inspirational. HUGS!! sao

  2. For My Pal..... Is someone trying to get you two's attention or what????!!!! We take sooooo much for granted in this life, that it isn't until we are faced with the possiblilty of losing it all that we finally make that deep connection with our soul when it asks us "Do We" or "Don't We" & "What have you learned"? The choice is ours. I am so blessed to have you and John in my life. I could not imagine how might life would have been had I not met you. YOu have brought color and light to my life...Thank you! My greatest wish for you is that you now realize that YOU ARE BEYOND WORTHY to have your existense on this earth! My fondest wish for the both of you is to relish your new lease on life (sorry the rent increase was SOOOOOOOOOOOO steep!Crap!) , don't sweat the small stuff anymore, live life healthy to live well,love long and prosper! I love you more than my luggage Pal!

    Jenn a.k.a. punkin