Friday, June 26, 2009

What I wake up to..............

This quilt, this magical miracle of fabric is what I wake up to each morning and the last thing I see at night. It is a source of comfort, inspiration and compassion and it was the unified efforts of two people that created such a joyful song, Shirley Albertson Owens & Catherine J. Etter................

I'm attaching the verse that accompanied this quilt into my world~~~~~~~~~~~

Friendship Tied Up With Bowties Quilt
To Catherine Etter
By SAO May 29, 2009 `

When we collaborated on Karen's quilt
no finer outcome was ever "built."

So would you simply have a fit
If I gave you a quilt and suggested that you "Embellsh it?"

Since our otherwise PERFECT DAY
turned out to end in another way.

I simply had to make you a quilt
and it is scrappy to the hilt.

It is Friendship - Tied Up With BOWTIES
and in the stitches are your favorite butterflies.

But it needs that certain special something
the special thing, that Catherine zing!

So - even though this quilt was made from my heart -
at it's end - it's only at it's start.

I hope you will add some magic to it too
so it will be from BOTH of us to you!

Hugs from your buddy - even more
Are you laughing rolling on the floor?

Far too memorable and special, need I say more??????????? Shirley created the pretty, whimsical, joyful quilt and I designed and added the posies, enjoy...................

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