Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Latest ensemble..............

Attaching a few shots of my latest work, finishing the bracelet yesterday. I originally started the necklace last Monday so as to have something new and fun to wear to a wholesale bead show on Tuesday but even though I wore it to the show, it was not only unfinished, it was nowhere what I had envisioned nor wanted.............. So back to the hotel I rolled and immediately took scissors to stitches and ultra-suede and managed to eliminate the distracting central mass and in fact opened up that area, literally. A sprinkling of bead application for balance and interest, ultra-suede leaf embellishment for the reverse and I became a happy, happy girl. Then this Monday after returning from the sleep study, I created the bracelet and would have completed the ensemble with earrings as the third element but I simply didn't have those findings with me.........................

The stones are of unknown origin from a bead show vendor, just polished slices but I was simply spellbound by the subtle transition and flow of color, never imagining all five pieces would end up in one creation. I wore it today to the surgeon, my primary care and the sleep specialists and was all the talk, and yes, I DO pay extra for petting...................... Thank you so much for your cyber adoration!!!!!!!

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  1. Your newest jewelry is BEYOND BELIEF. I am SOOOOO impressed! I can't think of a word that is stupendous enough! You go girl!!!! Such unleashed talent you hold within your soul....it is amazing. sao